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A Tiger's Visit To The Swimming Institiute

See, flap your wings like this!

One day a tiger reached out to the Duck’s swimming institute with a special request to teach him how to swim.

“Hey, will you teach me to swim like you do?” the tiger asked the duck swimming in the river.

“Of course, I will teach you. But first, please explain to me why you want to learn swimming?” the duck asked.

“Oh, it’s just for fun,” said the tiger.

The duck started to give swimming instructions to the tiger.

“Once you are in the water, use your legs to push you forward by moving them under the water,” said the duck.

The tiger jumped into the water. He did as the duck instructed to do him. But he was not keeping afloat. He started to drown

“Somebody please come and rescue this guy,” the duck cried in a loud voice. Some of the elephants were drinking water from the river and heard the ducks cry for help. They gathered around and rescued the tiger, and brought him to the land.

With so much water in its stomach, the tiger was unable to move. He lay on the rock for some time. Suddenly, it started vomiting the water inside.

After the tiger was alright, the duck came to the tiger. The tiger was still weak.

“You are a good student. But for swimming, you need to be patient also. Don’t jump into the water right away. First, check the waters before you jump,” the duck said to the tiger.

“Yes, I should have done that. I will come tomorrow to learn to swim,” said the tiger.

But the tiger never returned to Duck’s institute to learn swimming. The tiger was not patient enough to learn to swim. With that accident, the tiger understood that it was not his cup of tea to learn to swim.

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