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Croc And The Tortoise

croc and the tortoise story
I am sure you can't hide anything from me!

I was watching you from a distance. Don’t tell me that you are here just for a vacation. I know that you came here to lay your eggs. Now just tell me, where have you laid down your eggs? I will protect your precious eggs. I will make sure that nobody touches your eggs!

The tortoise was on the seashore to keep her eggs in a secret place. She wanted to protect her eggs from predators.

But now, a croc wanted to know where the tortoise had put her eggs. The croc had a wicked intention to eat the tortoise eggs.

“I have placed all my eggs under that palm tree,” said the tortoise.

“Ok, now you may go peacefully. I will take care of your eggs,” said the crocodile.

“That’s so nice of you,” said the tortoise and went her way.

The crocodile went near the palm tree and started digging under the palm tree. The crocodile dug and dug and made a big hole. At last, the croc understood that the tortoise made it a fool by telling him the wrong place for eggs. But it was too late. The crocodile made himself trapped in the hole he dug himself. What an irony!


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The crocod

The crocodile and tortoise story in English

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Mohammad N

The crocodile and tortoise story in English