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Snow Bear's Escape

Where I am going?

“Hey, somebody, please stop this iceberg from moving away. I need help, somebody, please help me,” the snow bear screamed.

The snow bear had no clue where the iceberg was taking him. The iceberg on which the bear was standing got ripped apart from a big iceberg. It started to drift away into the sea. The bear, who was sleeping at that time heard the loud noise of cracking ice. Before the snow bear realized what was just happening, the iceberg had already started to drift away. 

“Nobody can stop a floating iceberg. All that we can do is to get out of the iceberg immediately. Just jump into the water and swim across,” it was the snow bear’s friend, who was also with him on the iceberg.

“Oh, you also with me? let’s do that,” the snow bear said.

Both the snow bears jumped into the water and started swimming. With great difficulty, they made it to their home.

The rising temperature is melting the arctic ice at a fast pace. Hard times for animals like these snow bears.

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