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I Can't Believe, I am Finally Free

Where is my master?

A donkey was traveling with its master. His master was a cruel person and behaved very rudely towards the donkey.

Walking all the way with the load on its back, the donkey was tired. “When will I get free?” was a big question in the donkey’s mind.

After walking for a few hours, the donkey stopped.

“Where is my master?” the donkey looked around. But his master was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello, Mr. Donkey,” the donkey looked up. It was a tiger who was sitting on a tree. The donkey was frightened to see the tiger.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Donkey. I saw you were fed up walking with that cruel man.  Your master saw me and ran for his life. I am going to free you. Now you are in my territory, and you are free. You may go anywhere you love to go,” the tiger said.

The donkey was happy to hear that he was finally free. It was the day the donkey was looking forward to. The donkey shook its load away from its back and danced with joy. The donkey thanked the tiger for getting him free from his lifelong slavery.

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