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Ego Clash

It's mine! Not it's mine!

The tiger saw a deer and was chasing it. The deer, running frantically to save its life, reached the riverside. But a crocodile was waiting for her. The deer was frozen with fear and shut her eyes.

“Hey, it’s my prey! Leave the deer to me,” shouted the crocodile.

“What? I have been chasing this deer for a long time, and now you say it’s yours. You can’t claim this deer, you fool,” said the angry tiger.

Both the crocodile and the tiger started an argument. Then, the deer had an idea.

“Ok, ok. I don’t want you to waste time arguing over me. Let’s decide on this by having a fight. Whoever wins the fight, I will go with him,” said the deer.

Both the tiger and crocodile agreed to the suggestion made by the deer. So, the tiger and the crocodile started fighting. It was a fierce fight. Buying that opportunity, the deer escaped. But the two predators fighting over their ego clash didn’t notice that.

The fight ended, and both the tiger and the crocodile were wounded and tired.

“Ok, let’s share the deer equally,” said the tiger. The crocodile agreed. But when they looked for the deer, the deer was not there.

“Oh, that deer made us fools. We lost our prey because of our ego clash,” said the tiger. The crocodile nodded its head in agreement.

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