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Binny's Solo Bike Adventure

Stop, I Want To Check Your Details

“La, la, what a wonderful world,” it was Binny, the rabbit on its first-ever solo bike trip around the forest. He had been waiting for this day, preparing for this solo bike ride from months ago. At last, a dream coming true.

On a fine summer morning, Binny set out to see the world and started to pedal excitedly on its brand-new bike.

“Hey, who is this in the middle of the road?” it was a bad fox standing in the middle of the road, who would not let the rabbit go. Binny had to apply brake immediately. He almost lost his control.

The curious fox came and checked the bike. “Um, this a good bike. Give it to me, or I will kill you,” the fox demanded. Binny had to give the bike to the bax fox, with tears in his eyes. His dream of a solo trip around the world was coming to an end.

“Um, this is a good bike. I need this. You can go now talking,” the fox laughed at the rabbit and started to pedal. But the bike was not moving. When the fox looked back, he saw an elephant grabbing the bike with its trunk. The fox abandoned the bike and fled.

The rabbit thanked the elephant for his help. “If you face any problem, just call me. Here is my cell number,” the elephant said. The rabbit was happy and continued its ride.

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