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Tiger And Croc, An Unexpected Encounter

Now, it's my turn. Get ready for an underwater experience!

It was night. As usual, the tiger decided to take a dip in the river for a refreshing bath before going hunting.  The tiger was a strong animal who hunted animals even if he was not hungry, just for fun.

“I think, today, I am lucky. It’s a peaceful night, and all animals will be relaxing. Then I go out and hunt them easily,” the tiger said to himself.

The tiger stepped into the water. The cool water was very refreshing for the tiger. He swam to the middle of the river. But, not everything was refeshing, especially when the tiger saw the most dreadful thing in its life.

Let’s Go For An Underwater Expedition!

A crocodile was laughing at the tiger. The tiger knew that it was hard to conquer a crocodile in the middle of the river. The tiger pleaded with Croc to leave him alone.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger. Let me ask you a question. Many animals must have pleaded with you to leave them alone, when you hunted them down. Have you heard anybody’s plea? Have you ever shown any mercy to those animals?” the Croc asked.

The tiger had no answer. The crocodile attacked the tiger and dragged him under the water. The tiger was never seen again. So the animals in the forest continued sleeping on that peaceful night.

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