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I Can Make It Raining

You made it rain!

“Oh, this heatwave is killing me,” the elephant complained to the frog.

“Don’t worry, my dear friend. It’s going to last long. There is a goodnews. The rain is coming soon!” said the frog.

“How can you be so sure about that? I don’t see any signs of rain. There are no clouds in the sky,” said the elephant.

Let Me Cry For The Rain

“We, frogs, have a special sixth sense to know when it will rain. Now, listen to me, and rest is assured,” said the frog.

“Chrom, Chrom,” the frog cried loudly.

After a few minutes, elephant saw a small cloud in the sky, followed by several clouds.

“See, clouds are in the sky. Now, it won’t take any longer to rain,” said the frog. The elephant was excited to see the clouds in the sky. He was surprised about how the frog’s sixth sense senses the rain.

Then there was a lightning followed by a thunder. There were several lightning followed by a heay rain.

The Downpour

The downpour was so heavy, that even the elephant had to run to find shelter. The dry rivers began flowing in full swing. All the animals were happy about the rain. The pond in which the frog was living was also filled with water.

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