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Please Don't Tell Me To Share My Meal

I got a rabbit

One fine morning, the tiger caught a rabbit.

“Wow, today is my lucky day. I got a fat rabbit. I will eat it before anybody else claim it,” the tiger whispered to himself. But before he could do anything with the rabbit, a lion appeared from nowhere. The tiger tried to hide the rabbit, but the lion had already saw the rabbit.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, Don’t try to hide the rabbit. I have already seen it. I just want to let you know that before you eat the rabbit, you have to give me the lion’s share. You should have some manners. Don’t you know the jungle law that you must give the lion’s share? I am sure that you must have taught about it in the school” the lion said to the tiger.

“I am sorry, Mr. Lion. I know about lion’s share. But look at this rabbit. He is really a small one, not even satisfying my hunger. If I give you the lion’s share, I am left with nothing!” said the tiger.

The rabbit was sure that the end of his life was near, either by the tiger or the lion. The poor animal started praying to God.

“If you can’t share, then free the rabbit, or get ready for a fight,” roared the lion.

“I am not for a fight, Mr. Lion. Here you go,” the tiger had no other option other than free the rabbit. The tiger let the rabbit go. The freed rabbit thanked God, was happy to be released, and ran to its mother.

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