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Guardians Of The Forest

Let's go there and have a closer look!

This elephant and the tiger are friends. Together they do many good things in the forest. They protect the forest from hunters and wildfire. All animals liked them for the good service they were rendering.

The elephant and the tiger are always on the move looking out for the presence of hunters or wildfire anywhere in the forest. If they find any threats, they will inform other animals.

It seems that they have spotted a wildfire.

“Let’s go and see if that’s a wildfire,” said the tiger.

Both the tiger and the elephant went near to the fire to have a closer look. To their shock, they found it was not a wildfire. But then what was it?

Some hunters were camped in the forest. The fire they saw was the campfire.

Elephant and the tiger went near the camp. The elephant smashed the tent. The tiger jumped into the middle of the campfire. Hunters were shocked by the unexpected attack, and ran away leaving their guns and other belongings. All animals were happy about the elephant and tiger heroes of the jungle.

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