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Beware This Underwater Don

Looking for some nice adventures?

This crocodile is swimming under the water. Under the water, the croc is the king, with nobody to challenge him. His jaws are powerful enough to crush anything.

Dentist Appointment

He lives under the water but occasionally comes to the shore for his routine dentist appointment. The crocodile lies on the riverbed with his wide open mouth. The birds go inside the croc’s mouth and do their duty.

The dentist birds do their job confidently because the underwater don never eats them. Instead, he provides food for the birds. How? The birds get their daily bread from the crocodile teeth while they clean the crocodile teeth.

Here comes a herd of buffalos to drink water from the river. The croc is getting ready for its lunch. One unlucky fellow will fall prey to the crocodile today.

A crocodile attack is almost unexpected. Everything will be over in a matter of seconds. An unsuspecting animal drinking water from the river will get caught by the crocodile and drag it down. The water may look calm from above, but beneath the waters, there is a crocodile who hides perfectly, with a pair of prying eyes focused on its prey.

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