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You Almost Crushed Me!

Thanks bro!

It was a fine morning. The baby elephant was having a stroll near the pond.

It saw a beautiful blue butterfly and decided to follow it.

“Chrome, Chrome, hey, watch out, look down. I am here,” the frog shouted at the baby elephant. When he heard the feeble voice, the baby elephant looked down. A green frog was on the ground, speaking to the baby elephant.

“You almost crushed me under your big foot,” said the frog.

“Oh, Mr. Frog, I am sorry! I was following that beautiful blue butterfly,” said the baby elephant.

“It’s ok. Be careful while you walk. Because there are many small creatures on the ground. If you are not careful, the poor creatures will lose their lives under your big foot. Hope you understand me,” said the frog.

“Sure, I will be careful not to crush anybody under my foot,” said the baby elephant.

“That’s like a good boy. Let me introduce myself. I am a green frog who lives in this pond. I am their king of the frogs living in this pond. I am honored that you heard my cry for help. Thanks, let’s be friends,” said the frog. Both elephant and the frog became friends from that day onwards.

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