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Happy Land Got A New King

lion visiting the happy land
Hello Mr. Lion, Welcome To Happy Land

The lion walked and walked and reached a new place. That place was like a garden, very different from the wilderness the lion used to live in.

“Welcome, Mr. Lion, to the happy land,” a bird on the top of a tree greeted the lion.

“Oh, this place is so beautiful,” said the lion.

“Yes, this place is beautiful, but there is a problem,” said the bird.

“What’s the problem? If I can of any help, I will do it,” said the lion

“Another lion comes here to create problems with small animals who live peacefully here,” said the bird.

“Ok, let me see if I can solve this issue for you,” said the lion. The lion waited in the meadows and fell asleep.

After some time, he heard a roar. It was the lion the bird talked about.

That roar woke the sleeping lion up. The lion saw the other lion running after a deer.

“Leave that deer alone,” roared the lion to the other lion.

“Who are you to command me?” asked the other lion.

Both the lions started a fight. In the end, the other lion fled that place.

All the animals thanked the new lion for saving them from the wicked lion. They made the new lion their king.