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Tiger On A Train

I Can't Sit Here, It Is Too Hot Here!

In an attempt to impress the tigress, the tiger decided to perform a stunt. He jumped onto a running train from the top of a tree. Somehow it managed to balance on the moving train.

“Hey, Mr.Tiger, what are you doing?” asked the train engine.

“Oh, I was just performing a stunt to impress my fiancee,” said the tiger.

“See, I can’t stop, and I am running too fast, how will you get down? My destination is a hundred miles away,” said the train engine.

The hot engine made the tiger uncomfortable. It couldn’t sit there for long, The tiger cursed himself for jumping onto a running train. All the tiger could do now was to wait for the train to stop at the next station.

“Showing A Stunt On A Moving Train Is Dangerous”

The heat produced by the burning coal from the steam engine train was too much for the tiger. You know the steam engine is powered by boiling water by burning the coal inside the engine. There is a lot of water to be boiled to produce enough steam to run the engine, that’s why the steam engine was too hot!

“Will you please stop?” the tiger roared at the engine. The engine just ignored that order, and keep running. Then the tiger started begging, “can you please stop? This heat will kill me. If you stop now, I will give you anything,” said the tiger. “Now you are behaving properly. I liked it,” said the engine. The engine reduced its speed and finally came to a complete halt.

The tiger heaved a sigh of relief, got down immediately from the train, and ran to a lake nearby to cool down himself. The train laughed at the tiger.

“Never jump onto a moving train,” the engine said.

“I am sorry, I will never ever try that stunt,” said the tiger while running towards the lake.

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