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Floodwaters And The Tiger

I Am Going To Die!

“Hey, what’s happening around me? Where is this floodwater taking me?” wondered the tiger. Everywhere it was water because of the continuous rain for several days. The water current was so strong that the tiger had no chance to escape.

Don’t get upset, you have a chance to survive, use it!

Somehow he managed to grab a wooden log. The wood log took him along the river. The tiger’s chance got dim as the floodwaters were taking him to a big waterfall. If he falls from the edge of the waterfall, he will be dead.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, you are going to a dangerous waterfall. Please stop that thing,” warned a rabbit on his bike, who saw the tiger on a wood log. “Can’t you see? I can’t stop it. The water current is so strong,” replied the tiger. After a few miles, you will find a tree on the riverside with its branches lying on the water. Maybe it can save your life. Wish you all the best, may God help you!” said the rabbit.

The tiger saw the tree from a distance. The tiger’s heart thumped high. “This is my last chance for survival. I should not miss it,” the tiger thought. He prepared for it. If he misses the branch, he will fall into the water.

The tree was got nearer and nearer. “Yes, it is the right time,” thought the tiger,” and the tiger jumped to the branch. “Yes, I made it.” He thanked the rabbit who helped him to save his life. But the rabbit was nowhere to be seen. The clever rabbit knows that the hungry tiger will take no time to eat him, and he pedaled fast away from the tiger in his bike.

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