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Fox Doctor And The Elephant Patient

How's Your Pain Now?

Fox was a great doctor and knew many things about various illnesses and their remedies. Often, he gets distress calls from one animal or another for suffering from pain and illnesses. The fox doctor had many patients around him.

One day, he met an elephant crying in great pain. “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?” asked the fox. What to do friend, my stomach is upset. I have eaten something wrong,” said the elephant.

“Oh, that’s the matter, come with me,” the fox led the elephant too deep into the forest. They reached a place where thick vegetation was growing. The fox asked the elephant to eat a particular leaf.

“Hey, I don’t want to eat these leaves. You know, I love eating jackfruit, bananas, and coconut leaves only,” said the elephant.

Why You Should Chew This Leaf?

“Ok, you are eating those things because they are your food. But this leaf is a medicine for your stomach upset. You should eat this only once, not daily,” said the fox.

The elephant obeyed the fox. After chewing that leaf, the elephant was relieved from the pain.

“I feel now much better,” said the elephant. The elephant thanked Mr. Fox for taking him to the medicinal plant. “You are a great doctor. Thanks for helping me out,” said the elephant.  “What do you want in return?” asked the elephant.

“Hey, can you take for a ride on your back,” asked the fox.

“Sure, why not? Just climb on my back. I will take you around the forest,” said the elephant.

The fox smiled at the elephant and climbed on its back. The elephant took the fox for a free ride. That was a funny experience for the fox.

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