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Orion Saga, A Peace Agreement

Orion the cat expression
It's Too Much!

You Just Can’t Beat Me!

The cat Orion saw something flashing. It was a rat running frantically to the rat hole.

“Ah, that rat is too fast for me to catch. Next time I will catch that silly rat,” Orion thought.

The cat felt sleepy, went to his cute small cardboard home, and slept for a while. As the house cat, he got many privileges. He was pampered by all in the family.

In the evening, when Orion woke up, he felt that something wrong with his cute home. His cardboard box had a big hole in it.

The Disaster Strikes

“Hey, who made this hole in my box?” screamed the angry Orion. It must be the rat I saw in the morning. I will not spare him. I am going to finish him off,” said the cat.

Orion went to the rat hole and sat there waiting for the rat to come out. But the rat saw Orion waiting for him. He escaped through another rat hole and alerted his friends about the furious cat.

All the rats assembled together to discuss the matter.  “Hey, somebody made a mistake digging a hole in that cat’s cardboard home. That’s why he is furious,” the rat said.

“It’s ok to make holes in the cardboard boxes, but we should not destroy anybody’s home for our satisfaction. Let’s go and say sorry to the cat,” the rat leader suggested.

All the rats went to the cat. Seeing all those cats together made Orion upset.

“It’s our mistake, Mr. Orion. Somebody in our community did make a hole in your sweet home, for which I apologize. I assure you that it will not happen again,” said the rat leader.

“It’s ok, as long you don’t disturb my peace of mind, you are free to do anything,” said the cat. Cat and the rat came to a peace agreement.

“Ok, it’s time to sleep. I am going to sleep,” the lazy Orion went to his carboard home and started sleeping again.