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My New Moving Home

Wow, This Is Going To Be My New Home!

I Found A Great Home!

It was winter. The funny bunny was looking for a home for his new family. He was so fascinated by the wooden log that was lying in the snow. Many thoughts came in his mind. How did it come there? He was so curious about the wood log lying on the top of the hill. He thought about an idea to make it his home because it had a hole on its side. “If I go inside it, that will keep me warm,” the bunny reasoned.

So he went inside the hole on the side of the wood log. He was impressed by the interior and decided to make it his home. After spending some time inside the wood log, the bunny felt something wrong. “Hey, why I am upside down,” he thought. The wood log was rolling downhill. “Hey, what’s happening,” the bunny couldn’t guess what’s happening outside. The wooden log rolled and rolled, finally stopped in the valley. The bunny went out of the wood log and saw that his moving home took the rabbit to a new place.

“Oh, this is a wonderful home for me that took me to a very nice place,” the funny bunny has one strong reason why he should make it his permanent home. He started living in his new home, he became a father of four cute bunny kids. They lived in their comfortable home.

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