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Crocodile Climber And The Monkey

Today, I will catch the monkey!

A crocodile living in the river was not satisfied with the type of food he was getting. So the unsatisfied croc wanted to explore the world, and eat new food stuff, he had never tasted before. The crocodile spotted a monkey sitting on a tree.

“It’s worth taking the risk of climbing this tree to get that monkey,” the crocodile thought. It started to climb the tree to get the monkey.It was not easy to climb the tree. But still struggling a lot he made progress.

The monkey on the tree was enjoying a fresh banana. It didn’t notice the crocodile climbing the tree. Only inches away, the monkey saw the crocodile, who was slowly making it towards the monkey.

The monkey jumped to another tree and sent a warning signal to alert all his friends. All monkeys were aware of the presence of the crocodile. They made a lot of noise and started pelting stones at the crocodile until he fell down to the river flowing under the tree.

The crocodile never tried to attempt to climb the tree again.

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