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Finding Confidence In A Pond

I've A Big Problem!

The baby elephant was sad. He had no confidence in himself. When he does something without any confidence, that becomes a mess.  One day he went to Mr. Cat. Mr. Cat was a guru, and everybody respected him. He is supposed to know everything under the sun. Animals go to him for expert advice.

“Mr. Cat, please give me an advice. I want to become smart. I am ready to do anything to become a smart elephant,” said the elephant.

“I am glad that you have had such a thought. You have come to the right place. Now go to that pond and drink some water and come back,” said the cat. The baby elephant ran to the pond, drank some water, and came back.

There Is Confidence In That Pond!

“Well done, my dear boy, now you have confidence. I forgot to tell you one thing about that pond. There is a monster living in the pond. Now go again to the pond and drink water,” said the cat. This time the baby elephant had no confidence to go there. “Sorry, Mr. Cat, I can’t go! I fear monsters, the elephant said.

“There you are, my dear boy.  You had no problem going to the pond the first time. But when I told you about the monster living in that pond, you became upset. Actually, there is no monster in the pond. I was making a point here. I hope you got the point?” asked the cat.

“Yes, Mr. Cat. Now I know what is causing me to lose my confidence. When I got the information about the monster in the pond, I lost confidence. That false piece of information caused me to lose my confidence. I will never believe any information without first making sure about it!” said the baby elephant and went back to his home with full of confidence!

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