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Tiger Helping Baby Elephant

Don't worry, be calm, I'll help you out!

Hello Baby, where are you running? Stop there,” said the tiger. The baby was running here and there because he couldn’t see her mother.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, I have been following a blue butterfly. But now the blue butterfly is not there, and I miss my mother. I don’t know what to do. That’s why I am running here and there,” said the baby elephant.

“Calm down baby, I will help you out searching for your mother,” said the tiger.

The tiger had a monkey friend. The monkey knows everything that is happening anywhere n the forest. “Hey, Mr. Monkey, have you noticed an elephant mother looking for her baby?” the tiger asked.

“Yes, yes. I saw a group of elephants searching frantically for something. When I asked them, they said they were searching for their missing baby,” said the monkey.

“There you are! Thanks, Mr. Monkey, for that piece of information. Can you please let those elephants know that the missing baby is safe here, and our location to those elephants, so that they can come here and collect their baby,” said the tiger.

“Oh sure, it’s my pleasure to do that,” said the monkey. The monkey jumped from one tree to another and reached the elephants. The monkey declared the happy news to the elephants that their baby was safe with Mr. Tiger. When the baby’s mother heard that news, she became happy. All the elephants went to the location lead by the monkey.

The baby elephant danced with joy when he saw his mother. The elephants thanked the monkey and the tiger for helping them out in finding their missing baby.



Helpful tiger

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