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Tiger Cub Learing To Climb A Tree

You've Made it!

“Oops, here I fall,” the tiger cub trying to climb a tree fell down. He was trying to climb a big tree.

“Don’t lose heart. You can do it. But first try out a small tree, before climbing a big tree,” encouraged the monkey.

The tiger cub again tried to climb the tree. He listened to the monkey. This time, the tiger cub chose a small tree for his training. After several attempts, the cub climbed that tree. There he is, at the top of the tree, proudly sitting on the branch of the tree.

“Now, you can climb any tree. Remember one thing, every tree is different. When you climb the next tree, take a different approach,” advised the monkey.

“Sure, thanks for your help, Mr. Monkey,” said the cub. The cub stayed there on the tree branch and started sleeping. When the mother came after her hunting, she was worried. “Where is my child?” she looked around.

“Hey, mom, I am here, on the top of this tree,” said the tiger cub. The mother cub looked above and saw her son. “Wow, you made it! You proved yourself that you are a real tiger. Now, it’s time for you to independently hunt,” said the mother tiger, proudly looking at her son. The tiger cub was happy.

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