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Singer Frog And Baby Elephant

What are you doing here?

Baby elephant saw a frog. He was curious because the frog was making a lot of sounds from the pond where it was living.

“Hey, why are you screaming? Did you fall in the pond? Do you need my help to come out of the pond?” asked the baby elephant.

“No, baby, I didn’t fall into the pond, but I’m living in this pond. It’s my birthplace, my world where I live my frog life. I can’t think of going out of this pond. If I go out, I will lose my existence!

For your kind information, I was not screaming. I am singing a beautiful song about love. Love can turn anybody a great singer!” said the frog.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear frog. It’s because of my lack of knowledge of music. You may sing, and I’ll listen,” said the elephant.

The frog continued singing, the elephant stood there waving its big ears to the tune of the frog song. The elephant was enjoying what the frog was singing. The frog was calling the clouds to make it rain!

Soon, it began to rain. It was a welcome break to the forest animals after a long summer. With the rains, the forest will get a fresh lease of life. The drought was terrible. All animals will now get enough water to quench their thirst!

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