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Banana Monkey And The Elephants

Here is a banana

The elephant herd was walking through the forest, in search of water. The baby elephant in the group was too tired.

“How far do we need to go?” the baby elephant asked. “We’ll reach there soon baby, just keep walking,” the father elephant said.

Meeting A Helpful Monkey

“Hey, you seem to be too tired from walking, here is a banana for you!” It was a monkey who came to the baby elephant. The monkey gave the baby elephant a banana to eat. The baby elephant became happy. “Wow, this banana tastes so good! I need more,” the baby elephant demanded. “Ok, I will bring some more bananas,” said the monkey. The monkey came with some more bananas for the baby elephant.

“This monkey is very helpful. Hope he can help us in our search for water, let’s ask him,” said the mother elephant to her husband. Father elephant asked the monkey about any lake or river nearby. The monkey asked them to follow him. Soon they reached a big lake, full of water, crystal clear.

The elephant herd was happy.  All the elephants started drinking water from the lake. The water was so tasty. The baby elephant started playing in the water. The monkey climbed a tree and watched the happy elephant group from there.

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