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Be Alert, There is a Tiger Hiding Somewhere Here

Wow, A Rabbit!

A tiger was hiding in its favorite place. From its hiding place, the tiger can see what’s happening around. It’s a perfect hiding place for the tiger to hunt animals..

Here comes a rabbit. “Um, it’s a fat one, I should not spare him. It’s an easy catch!” the tiger came out of its hiding place.

“Hey, cutie, where are you going?”  the tiger.asked the rabbit.

When the rabbit saw the tiger, she almost fainted. The rabbit had no option because the tiger was so close.

“I’m going to watch a movie,” the rabbit said.

“A movie? Show me your tickets?” the tiger asked.

The rabbit showed her tickets to the movie. “Ok, today I am going to watch the movie instead of you. Please give the tickets to me, and you may go home now,” said the tiger.

“Ok, as you wish,” said the rabbit,” the rabbit heaved a sigh of relief as he handed over the movie tickets to the tiger. Without wasting time, the rabbit ran to its home. Even though the rabbit missed the movie, he was happy because he got his life back from the tiger!

Sometimes it’s good to lose something in return for life!

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