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Tiger Cub And The Long Necked Giraffe

Look me up

The tiger cub, wandering around, saw the giraffe for the first time. All the baby tiger could see was the giraffe’s long legs.

“Hey, look me up, I’m here,” said the giraffe. When the cub looked up, he saw the giraffe. “Ah, you have got long legs and long necks that make you so tall! Why do you require that?” said the curious tiger baby.

“That’s a good question, dear baby. I will explain. My long legs help me run faster. My long neck helps me eat leaves and fruits from the tall trees. Also, standing tall helps me see things happening far beyond what you can see. One day, I saw some hunters on our way and informed everybody. That saved the animals from hunters, ” said the giraffe.

“Wow, you are an athlete. I think nobody can beat you in a race because of your long legs,” said the baby tiger in admiration of the giraffe.

“You are right! My long legs and neck help me to run faster than anybody,” said the giraffe. Hey, I can see your mother is searching for you, baby. You better go to her, or she will panic,” said the giraffe.

“Oh, I forgot. Let me go home. By for now,” said the baby tiger and rushed towards its mother.

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