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Never Underestimate Anybody

You can't do it!

“You are just a baby; you can’t do it. It’s better to stay away from that dangerous wolf!” The cow discouraged the dog who was going to fight with the wolf. But the baby dog was determined to get the wolf away from the sheep. The dog went straight to the wolf, who was staring at one of the sheep.

“Hey, you there, why are you standing near the sheep. I know what you are up to,” said the dog.

The wolf looked at the baby dog. “Who are you to question me? It’s none of your business. Run for your life, or I will finish you off,” the cruel wolf laughed at the baby dog.

Action Plan

The dog ran away, not because he was frightened by the wolf’s threat, but to inform his master, a shepherd of the wolf trying to steal his sheep. The shepherd immediately went to his sheep. Seeing the shepherd, the wolf ran away.

The shepherd thanked the dog for the courage and intelligence he had shown. The cow was seeing all that was happening around her. She admired how the baby dog showed the presence of mind.

“I am sorry dear to underestimate you. You are a courageous dog. I am proud of being your friend,” said the cow. The baby dog was happy and went to his mother to tell her about the good things he did that day.

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