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Please Don't Melt That Ice Away

No where to go!

Hello Kids, I am a polar bear standing here, stranded on a melting iceberg that got separated from the rest. Isolated from the rest of the world, I am crying for help. This block of ice is floating on the sea, which made me a sailor, but I don’t know where it is taking me.

Do you hear that sound of something cracking? That’s the sound of huge icebergs breaking apart from the rest. There are a lot of ice-breaking events taking place here every day. All this melting ice raises the sea level.

All this is happening because of global warming, which melts the ice in the polar, where I live. We, polar bears, are facing death by drowning in the water. The melted ice turns into water, causing the sea level to rise, leading to flooding in big cities and places where you live.

Every day, we are facing this problem. Snow melts away, leaving us with nowhere to go! Please do something if you can to rescue us!

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