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Bull Singer And The Tiger

Nice singing

The tiger was in the village for his usual “friendly visit”. But the village folks are afraid of this guest. Usually, when a tiger visits the village, that’s horrific, because a tiger in the village means losing their precious livestock.

The tiger saw a big bull crying loudly. “Let me see if I can try my intelligence on him to come with me to my place. Then I can finish him with the help of my friends,” tiger said to himself and walked towards the bull.

“Ah, you are a great singer! I really enjoyed your singing. I almost forgot myself while you were singing. I thought I was in heaven for a while!” said the tiger. The tiger was working out a wicked plan on the bull.

The tiger’s appreciation made the bull feel like it was floating in the air. The poor bull had never received any kind of appreciation before.

“You are the only one who appreciated me. Thank you very much. Would you like to hear another song?” asked the bull.

“Yes, I would like to hear. But I can’t stay any longer in this place. Why are you wasting your precious talent here? I invite you to come with me and partake in the jungle festival, where you can showcase your talent and get rewarded. Won’t you come with me?” asked the tiger.

“Wow, that’s a good thing you are telling me, Mr. tiger. I’ll definitely come with you,” said the bull. The tiger and bull were walking. On the way, the bull started singing again. “Will you stop crying? People will come and catch me,” said the tiger.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, sometime before when I sang, you said it was a beautiful song. Now you are telling me that I am crying. I now understand your real intention. If I come with you, you can easily attack me with the help of your friends. Now, get lost! I am going to cry aloud, run for your life,” said the bull. The bull started crying. The tiger ran away from the bull. “If somebody appreciates me, I shouldn’t take that for granted,” thought the bull while he walked to his home.

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