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The Mentor Fox

What are you?

The Fight For Power

Lovely afternoon, the fox was watching a live fight between two elephants. Both the elephants were equally strong. “Oh, this fight will end only if one of them dies,” the fox thought. The fox treated himself as a personal trainer and a mentor, so he wanted to help the elephants.

“I should stop them fighting,” the fox thought. Let me advise them to stop their fighting,” he thought.

“Hey, you two, will you stop your fighting? I have some advice for you!” the fox screamed.

The elephants stopped their fighting at once.

“Wow, they listened to me and stopped fighting,” the fox thought. But the elephants stopped their fight to turn their attention towards the fox.

“Who are you to interfere in our personal matters?” the elephants asked the fox in one voice. One of the elephants extended his long trunk towards the fox to grab him. It was totally unexpected by the fox. He never thought that being an adviser could turn their attention towards him. But sensing the danger, the fox immediately ran away.

“Ah, this is a good lesson for me. If I had stayed a little more time there, the elephants would have killed me. Now I am convinced that I should not interfere in other’s personal matters,” the fox said to himself.

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