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Monkey And Tiger Friends

Hurry up please

The monkey reporter was in a hurry. Jumping from tree to tree, the monkey reached its friend, a tiger.

“Ah, you are here. I was searching for you everywhere. Now just listen carefully. Your brother is in big danger. A bad bear is fighting with him. I just saw them fighting and without wasting time come to you to inform you. Please help him out, or that bad bear will kill your brother,” said the monkey.

“Thank you, Mr. Monkey, for the information. I must rush to the spot. Can you please guide me?” asked the tiger.

“Sur, you just follow me,” said the monkey, and he started jumping from one tree to another. The tiger followed him by running. After a few minutes, they reached the sport where the bear and tiger were fighting. It was a fierce fight. The bear was a big one!

“I am here, now you don’t worry, my dear brother,” said the tiger. When the bear saw the new tiger, he stopped fighting and ran away.

“Thank you, Mr. Monkey, for informing me about the fight. That saved my brother’s life,” said the tiger. The monkey was happy. “I am glad that I could help you,” he said.

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