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A Frog In The Pond

Let me explain!

It’s good to see you here. I know you are in frog spotting. Glad to see people like you who love frogs. I am enjoying my dinner on mosquitoes. Do you want to see how I am catching these mosquitoes? Here I go! Gulp, that was a big one. My long tongue helps me to trap the mosquito.

The pond in which I live, after the rain, is full of water now. The severe drought had dried up the pond. But now, the torrential rain breathed life into this pond by filling it with rainwater. It is good to have my friends with me who come from other ponds. Hope my duck friends will return to the pond.

What I fear most is the yellow snake that comes here often. That snake likes frogs like me, but it is not genuine love, but he loves to eat us. So, I have to be careful not to find the yellow snake.

Ah, the sky is filled with several stars. It’s good to see so many stars blinking in the sky. I love the stars and sky. I have tried to reach the stars by jumping. I know that my jump will not take me anywhere, but still, I try. Who knows, one day I will reach the stars.

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