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The Monkey Reporter

Where is the news?

Many of us have seen monkeys jumping from one tree to another. They jump from one tree to another, traveling from one end of the forest to the other end. But this monkey jumps from one tree to another for a different reason. This monkey reporter works for a newspaper called jungle times, reporting news from every nook and corner of the jungle as it is!

“Hey, what is happening here?” the monkey reporter was curious about what he saw on the ground. There were big elephants who were fighting each other. Hanging from the trees, the reporter reports every sort of news he captures!

A few months back, the monkey reported a wildfire that helped the elephant brigade reach there in time before the wildfire spread to other areas. The elephant fire brigade immediately sprang into action, spraying water from the nearby lake to control the wildfire. The elephant brigade worked hard to put down the wildfire, thanks to the prompt reporting by this monkey.

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