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Three Monkeys Train Adventure

We are happy to ride this train

Three monkey friends were living in a zoo were fascinated by the toy train in the zoo. The toy train in the zoo always fascinated the monkeys.  Whenever they saw the train chugging ahead, carrying children who visit the zoo, they were envious.

“One day, we will ride on this train,” said one of the monkeys. The other monkeys were excited to hear that announcement. They keenly observed how the train was run by its driver. They waited for an opportunity to ride the train.

One day, it was a holiday in the zoo. There were no visitors to the zoo. The monkeys decided to ride the train that day. They came down from the tree and got inside the train.

Let’s Travel To The End Of The World!

One of the monkeys switched on the train, and the train started chugging and began to move. The monkeys were overjoyed. They sang songs on the train, enjoying their first-ever train ride.

“Let’s travel to the end of the world, and get ourselves popular,” one of the monkeys screamed.

After riding for a while, they saw an elephant standing on the track. “Hey, move from the track, or the train hit you,”  shouted the monkeys. But before the elephant could move, the train hit the elephant, and the train stopped. The frightened monkeys abandoned the toy train and climbed the tree.

“Oops, we have made a mistake. We should have never ridden that thing,” said one of the monkeys. Other monkeys agreed. The train was under repair for the next few days. After that, the train started its service. Children were happy to ride on their favorite toy train again. Whenever the monkeys see the train, they shut their eyes because they were too frightened.



Poor elephant ???? ????

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