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Elephant Rescuing A Turtle

Have a safe journey!

The turtle was in the forest. It came for a short visit from the nearby lake. As the turtle was walking in the forest, a fox saw the turtle and followed her. He wanted to eat the turtle.

But the turtle has a strong shell. So the fox was trying to get her to the end of a cliff to push her down. The fox thought that falling down the cliff would break the turtle’s shell so that he could eat the turtle’s meat.

An elephant saw what the fox was up to do. He rushed to the turtle for its rescue. The elephant lowered his trunk and asked the turtle to get inside its trunk. Seeing the elephant, the fox fled the scene.

The elephant carried the turtle on its trunk to the lakeside. When the elephant reached the lakeside, it slowly lowered its trunk and asked the turtle to go. The turtle’s eyes were overflowing.

“Thank you, my dear, for rescuing me and giving me a free lift,” said the turtle and slowly stepped into the water.



The elephants are good, rescuing small animals.

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