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How To Reject A Friendly Invitation Cow And The Lion

Just come with me and have fun out of this fence!

The cow was grazing peacefully on the farm. A lion approached the cow.

“Hey, beauty, how are you? I feel pity upon you. You are wasting your precious life behind the fence. The world outside is so exciting. Jump the fence, and come with me. Let’s have a stroll outside the farm. I know a place you’ll get a lot of sweet grass to eat. I will take you there,” the lion tried to lure the cow.

But the cow knew that it was a trick by the lion. The cow’s mother had already told her how the predators lure the fool cows to jump out of the fence to eat them.

“Oh, you are so kind, Mr. Lion. But I am okay with what I have now. You may please go now,” said the cow politely. The lion had to retreat to the forest without having the cow.

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