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The War Elephant Story

The Fort Elephant

Hey kids, I am telling my story from an ancient era. I lived in this fort where I work as a war elephant. That means, when war comes, we have to load the soldiers and weapons on our backs and go to the battlefield.

The old and retired elephants living here tell me great stories about the wars they have been fought! They say how it’s like going to war. The big door of the fort will be wide opened, and all of them, camels, horses rush to the battlefield with a war cry in their mouths. But, I have never been to a battlefield in my life, as my days are peaceful, and I just love it. I hate wars because they kill people.

Every day, I am getting training on how to behave like a soldier elephant. I don’ know whether I will be ever taken to a battle. Who knows when that day will come.



I hear a war cry from a distance. Mr.Elephant, get ready for the war.

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