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Good Friends Always Help!

Hello Bird, How Are You?

“I’m reaching out to you to get your permission to pluck some fruits from your tree?” the giraffe asked. “Why not. The tree is yours. You can pluck as many fruits as you would like to eat. I am just a tenant in this tree. I was born in this tree, so naturally, it became my home,” the bird said. “I asked because I wanted to make sure that I am not in any way disturbing you,” the giraffe said.

Giraffe was happy with the bird. He plucked some fruits and ate them. The fruits of the tree were very delicious. “Can we be friends,” asked the giraffe. “Sure, let’s be friends,” said the bird, and that was the starting of a long friendship between the giraffe and the bird. One day, there was a strong wind blowing, and the bird worried about her tree. Just then the Giraffe came. He took the bird to another strong tree till the wind was finished.

One day, the giraffe was grazing in the meadows. The bird signaled the giraffe, crying loudly. A huge lion was coming to the giraffe. Because of the timely information by the bird, the giraffe could escape the lion unhurt.

Yes, good friendships always help. Keep it warm and you will find it very rewarding!

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