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The Value Of Friendship

Be aware that Dimmy is my friend!

It was a summer afternoon. Dimmy mouse was out of its home looking for food. A cat spotted the Dimmy and started chasing it. The mouse was frantically running to save its life from the cat.

Dimmy saw an elephant and begged for his help. The good elephant agreed to help Dimmy and asked it to hide behind him. Soon, the cat came there running and saw the elephant.

“Hey, where are you running? Stop here,” said the elephant.

“Oh, I was chasing a mouse. Have you seen it?” asked the cat.

“Yes, I have seen the mouse. The mouse you are chasing is my friend Dimmy. He is hiding away from you behind me. Don’t even dare to touch Dimmy. If you do, I will smash you under my big foot,” said the elephant.

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t know that the mouse was your friend. I will never ever chase him,” said the cat. The cat ran away.

Dimmy thanked the elephant for its timely help.

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