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Jimmy, The Helpful Giraffe

There you are! Now you are safe!

“Hey, who is that crying?” Jimmy, the helpful giraffe, heard somebody crying for help. When Jimmy reached out to help, he saw a cute baby monkey lying on the ground, who had fallen from the top of the tree.

“Worry not, my baby. I am here to help you. Which tree you had fallen from?” asked Jimmy.

“I fell from that big tree,” the baby monkey pointed out to a big tree and said.

“Please grab on my neck. I will lift you up and put in that tree,” said the giraffe.

The baby monkey was happy. He grabbed the neck of the giraffe. Giraffe slowly lifted the monkey up and placed him on the tree.

“Thank you very much, Jimmy, for helping me out,” said the baby monkey.

At that time, the mother of the baby monkey reached there. Baby Monkey told his mother what happened to him while she was away. When the monkey’s mother learned how Jimmy, the helpful giraffe, helped her son, she was in tears. Monkey mother thanked Jimmy for helping her baby.

“No problem, mother. I am happy to assist you. If you have any problem, call me. I will come to help you,” said the giraffe.

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