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Hipo And The Crocodile

Hi, stranger, what made you come here?

When the hippo came to the lake, he was greeted by a stranger, a crocodile.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” asked the hippo.

“Hi, I am a crocodile. I have come a long way. Meet my wife,” the croc introduced a female crocodile to the hippo.

“I know you guys come to this lake to cool yourself. But don’t worry, we won’t be doing any harm to you. Let’s co-exist in this lake,” said the crocodile.

“I have no problem. But don’t bring other crocs to this place and make this place crowded,” said the hippo.

“Ok, I promise you, we will be the only crocodiles living here,” said the crocodile.

After a few months passed, the hippo saw a number of crocodiles swimming around in the lake.

“Hey, you broke your promise that you will not bring other crocs here. But now look, this lake is full of crocs swimming around,” said the angry hippo.

“Hey, I kept my promise. I never brought any of my friends here. These are my children I have after I started living here,” said the crocodile. The hippo had no answer.

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