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Elephant Bathing

Buddy, You are going to love this!

One day, an elephant saw a tortoise. “Hey, please take me somewhere. I am bored here,” said the elephant.

“Of course, you have approached the right guy. You know, I am a tour operator. Come with me. I will take you to a place you will never forget,” said the tortoise.

The elephant followed the tortoise. The elephant was patient and followed the slow-moving tortoise. Finally, elephant and the tortoise reached the seaside. The elephant was seeing the sea for the first time.

“It’s good that you brought me here, dear. I have never been to the seaside. This sea holds a lot of water, and these waves make it more entertaining,” said the elephant and started to bathing in the sea.

“I love this experience. Thanks for this fantastic tour you have arranged. You are my best friend!” The elephant thanked the tortoise for the wonderful experience he head in the sea.

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