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The Unforgettable Gesture

Please let me go

The hunter dog found a rabbit cute and fat. He was about to catch the fat rabbit.  Just then the dog noticed something. It was a bow on the rabbit’s neck roused the dog’s curiousness. The frightened rabbit closed his eyes, waited for the worst.

“What’s that shining on your neck?” the curious dog asked the rabbit. “Sir, it’s a bow, today is my wedding, I was going to the hall, where my bride and friends are all waiting for me. I am already late for the ceremony, now I don’t have to go, my life is in your hands,” the rabbit said to the dog with tears flowing from his eyes.

Moved by the rabbit’s plea, the hunter dog let the rabbit go. “I wish you a happy married life, you can go free for your wedding,” said the dog. The rabbit was too happy about the gesture hunter dog made to him, said that he will never forget the dog in his life, and went happy for his wedding.

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