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The Sky Diver Rabbit

This is so fantastic, I love this!

The skydiver rabbit was doing a stunt. The rabbit was slowly coming down in his parachute. But then the rabbit saw that shocking thing waiting for him on the ground, a lion.

“Oh, I am in a dangerous situation,” the bunny had no idea what to do. But luckily, the lion didn’t see the rabbit coming down. But that luck didn’t last long. The lion saw the shadow of the rabbit. When the lion looked up, it saw the rabbit skydiver in its parachute.

The lion ran towards the cliff. To the place the parachute was coming down, the lion was running. The rabbit closed its eyes, waiting for the worst to happen! To become a lunch for the lion.

“Oh, my skydiving career is ending soon,” thought the rabbit.

Then it happened. The parachute landed. But the parachute covered the lion like a blanket. The lion got trapped inside the parachute. The lion had no clue how to come out of the blanket.

Running down the cliff, the rabbit escaped the lion. The lion, who finally managed to come out of the parachute, was angry, and looked for the rabbit. But the rabbit was nowhere to see.

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