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The Sad Safari Eelephant

Cat on the safari elephant
Wow, I'm on the top of the world

“You seem very sad, may I know what’s the matter?” asked the cat to the safari elephant. “I am sad because there are no visitors nowadays. People have stopped visiting this palace due to a Covid outbreak. I don’t have any job for months, I still remember the good old days when I used to take children and their parents on my back for a safari.

People greatly enjoyed their journey on the back of an elephant, waited patiently for me. Gone are those good old days, here I am standing isolated from the rest of the world. These days, I feel bored a lot without my usual activity,” he said.

“Ok, I will tell you something that will make you happy again,” the cat said. “Please tell me what to do, I will do anything to get out of this boredom,” the eager elephant said to the cat. “Take me for a ride around the palace,” the cat said smilingly. The elephant readily agreed to the request cat made. In a minute, the cat was on the top of the elephant inside the box for the visitors. Elephant took him for a ride.  It was a joyful ride for the cat. At the end of the ride, the elephant was happy and the cat was too happy!