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Fighting Lions And Lioness

It's a Fierce Fight!

It was a fierce fight between two big smart lions to prove their strength before the beautiful lioness. Their roars could be heard even from miles away! Dust was forming around them as they made swift jump and attacked each other.

The reason for the battle? Both the lions wanted to marry the lioness, and become the next king of the jungle. The lioness was watching the fight anxiously. There were so many animals standing as spectators there witnessing the lion’s fight. Some animals are even encouraging the lions to fight more aggressively. When equals fights, the fight last longer. Both the lions were strong and fighting with all their strength. Blood was flowing from their body. Suddenly, one of the lion missed his blow. It was a calculation mistake, but that gave a big opportunity to the other lion to gain upper hand.

The battle is over, the elephant declared the winner. The other lion who lost the battle for kingship should flee immediately, nobody can support him. It’s the weird and wild rule of the jungle. In the wild, everything is wild!

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