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Dear, Follow Me Closely!

Hey, are you there?

It was a wonderful evening, the little duck was swimming way behind the mother duck in the river. They were returning from a picnic to their home. Her mother was angry with the baby because she was slow to swim with her.

“Look, baby, if you are swimming like this, you will be left alone. How’ll I know if something bad happens to you if you are not near me? Let’s not waste time, we’ve to reach home before it’s night. It is not safe for us to swim during the night,” said the mother duck. “Sorry mom, it’s my mistake. I will follow you closely,” said the baby duck. She became upset because she made her mother angry. So she was silent during the rest of their journey.

Before night they reached their home. Their home was a cute little pond. The mother knew that her baby was sad, so she comforted her, explained why she should be with her mother always. The baby duck was happy again. “Mom, I am hungry,” she said. They had a great delicious dinner with lots of worms and small fishes from the pond. After the dinner, the mother duck told a lovely story about a duck prince. Want to hear that story?

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