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Somebody Please Tell Me What's Happening To Me!

Oops, Who's Pulling Me Down

One day, a rogue elephant was wandering in the jungle. Being a rogue, the elephant had a bad habit of trashing anything he didn’t like. Everybody feared him most because he was so powerful, also had a bad habit of fighting with other elephants over silly matters. On the way, he saw a pond. He always loved to play with dirt, so he walked to the pond.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant that pond is dangerous and could swallow you, don’t go any near to it,” one little bird warned the elephant. But who is going to listen to a little bird? “Who are you to advise me?” he arrogantly said to the bird. The haughty elephant walked straight to the pond. Little did he realized that he was going to have a hard time with the marshy pond. Standing on the pond, he felt something strange. All of a sudden he was going down, he thought somebody was pulling him down.

The elephant cried loudly, but there was nobody to rescue him. That marshy pond had a very bad reputation of gulping anything standing over it. Soon the elephant disappeared into the marsh never to come back again!

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