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Life Story Of A Little Worm

Hope I Am Safe Here

The little worm was happy that day. She has got a new lease of life from the beak of a bird, a worm eater! Now she is free, so she can continue to do what she was doing. There are a lot of things to do with the soil. You know, these worms are farmer’s best friends, as they do a fantastic job in turning barren land to fertile, ready for cultivation.

She has a lot of other worm friends. In the backyard, they work together, peacefully, slowly moving from one place to another. If you go to your backyard, you can spot one of those worms hard at work.

But they have enemies too, the birds who eat them. Worms have to be alert and careful while doing their job. Even hidden under the soil, they are not safe. Those birds are real experts when it comes to unearthing the hidden worms under the soil with their long beak to eat them alive.  Worms are bird’s favorite dish, if they see a worm, they’ll not leave it. 

After the birds, it’s modern chemical-based fertilizers taking a toll on their lives. Poor little worms just can’t afford these poisonous fertilizers as they kill them instantly.

Next time you spot a worm, try to appreciate the marvelous job it is doing for us!

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