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Monkey, The Story Teller

monkey hanging on a tree
Tell me a story please!

“He, He, He, “It was a good one, now tell me, how do you get these funny stories?” the lion asked the monkey storyteller. “You know I live in trees, from top of the tree, I can see and hear everything a lot of things nobody else can see. I am not a bird, I don’t have wings, still I don’t touch the round jumping from one tree to another, I go.

There is plenty of things I see on my tree surfing, they are my inspiration. I jump from one tree to another in search of new stories.” the monkey said.

“Wow, you are so lucky that you can go anywhere you like without touching your feet on the ground. Please have a new story ready by the time I come next,” said the baby lion.

The storyteller monkey started telling another joke story about a fool lion who lost his roar.

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